Family Law Property Settlements- Get Onto It Now!

Working out the best way to divide property you own with your former spouse can be very difficult and daunting. It is not as simple as selling off assets and each party retaining a certain portion of the sale proceeds. It is imperative to get the right legal advice to achieve a formal property settlement [...]

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Property Law – Do I Have to Pay a Special Levy?

When you are looking at purchasing a Strata Unit it is imperative to instruct your solicitor to obtain a Strata Inspection Report.  The Report will provide information regarding not only the amount of quarterly levies and the balance of the administrative and sinking funds, but also the existence of a Special Levy or a [...]

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“High Risk” Land

We recently received an enquiry from a person who had purchased a block of land some time ago – the land is located in an area well known for having land slip and stability problems. At the time of purchase, the Contract contained a GEO Technical Report which indicated that whilst the land was located [...]

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Binding Financial Agreements – Recent High Court Decision

A very recent decision in a case which went all the way to the High Court has reinforced the need to act fairly at all times when entering into a Financial Agreement under the Family Law Act. In the particular case in question, a couple met online when the wife lived overseas.  She subsequently [...]

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Should I Make a Will with Testamentary Trust?

The answer to this depends on the likely value of your deceased estate and the number of primary beneficiaries who you would like to take a share in that estate. If your beneficiary or each of your beneficiaries is likely to receive a sum of $500,000 or more then it is certainly worth considering [...]

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Estate Planning and Your Superannuation

Did you know that your superannuation does not form part of your deceased estate? Many people consider that if they have made a will then they have taken care of all of their estate planning. They may even believe that their superannuation death benefits will be distributed in accordance with the terms of their [...]

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