How does the family court divide property between former partners?

Nicholas Kyriakoudes When couples separate, the question of how their property is distributed usually comes to the fore. Particularly in circumstances where separating parties have built their life together and have bought and accumulated assets jointly, property settlement can be complicated. Can the court divide interests in property? Under s 79 (for former spouses) and [...]

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Have you been left out of a will? Or are you concerned about someone you have left out of your will?

By Nicholas Kyriakoudes The death of a family member or loved one can be an emotionally challenging and draining time. This is particularly so where someone feels they have been unfairly omitted or not properly provided for in the testator’s will. Whilst the law of succession reflects the notion of testamentary freedom, meaning that generally [...]

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Do I need to protect my information with a confidentiality agreement?

By Nicholas Kyriakoudes and Peter Bahlmann  Ordinarily, information does not constitute property and therefore there is no restriction on what a person may do with information they hear, read, or otherwise obtain. This becomes problematic with respect to certain information such as trade secrets, recipes, clients lists, or the contents of certain settlement agreements, where [...]

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