How does my ADVO effect my parenting orders?

March 25th, 2021|

If you have existing parenting orders in place and there is a subsequent Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) or Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) taken out against you, or for your protection and/or the protection of the children, you might be [...]


Covid-19 Commercial Lease Regulations

February 16th, 2021|

Relief for some, but not all landlords On 7 April 2020, the Government announced its National Code of Conduct in relation to commercial leases so that, under the Code, the economic impacts of the pandemic on lessors and lessees might [...]


Determining Appropriate Legal Proceedings in Australia

January 29th, 2021|

By Matt Kearins For Australian ex-pats, citizens overseas, or even individuals with significant business in Australia, knowing where to start legal proceedings can be a tricky situation. If you’re trying between starting proceedings in Australia or another country, it is [...]


Spousal Maintenance and Short Relationships

January 21st, 2021|

By Matt Kearins Entering into a relationship can often impact the way you live your life. What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine, becomes a part of daily life. Some people also choose to leave the workforce as [...]


New requirements for off-the-plan contracts

October 24th, 2019|

Kerry Kyriakoudes New requirements for off-the-plan contracts as from 1 December 2019 the new laws impose an additional disclosure obligations on vendors in off-the-plan contracts in order that purchasers have greater transparency in entering into these contracts. Additionally, they give [...]



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