Do We Need A Shareholders Agreement?

There is no legal obligation for a company to have a shareholders agreement. Because it’s not a legal obligation many people either put off having one drafted or do not fully understand the benefits of having one in place from the start of a venture. DO WE NEED A SHAREHOLDERS AGREEMENT? Preparing the shareholders [...]

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Buying a Cafe? Some Food for Thought

House prices are on the rise and so is avo on toast. This must be the reason why millennials can’t afford real estate. What’s the alternative investment? Buying a cafe, of course. As much as everyone loves their flat whites and double espressos, operating a cafe is serious business and it shouldn’t be thought of as [...]

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How Do I Exercise the Option Period in My Commercial Lease?

An option is a valuable asset.  It allows you to renew the lease on the same terms as the original lease. If you are a tenant and wish to remain in the premises, pay particular attention to the time period within which you must give notice to the landlord of your intention to exercise the option, [...]

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