If you think that you cannot end up in court if you have done nothing wrong – think again.

Recently, a client of ours who has held a firearms licence for about 40 years and had never been in any sort of trouble, had his licence revoked and his guns taken by the police even though he had done absolutely nothing wrong.

This occurred following an incident where the police came to his home, in response to a call for help by one of his sons whose girlfriend refused to leave even though she had been asked to do so over a number of hours. Even though no threats had been made and no violence had taken place, the police decided that it was what they called a “domestic incident” and interpreted the law as requiring them to seize any firearms in the house.

Despite the fact that our client, who owned the guns, was not at home and the guns were safely locked away in a proper gun safe, the police still took them and suspended our client’s licence.

Fortunately one of our partners, Jeff David, was able to satisfy the court that the police had acted wrongly and was successful in having our client’s guns and licence returned.