In the Wollongong and Sydney Family Court Registries, final hearings are presently being listed well into 2018 and beyond.

Recent media outlets have reported on the significant delays and under funding issues which have plagued this area of law. The Chief Justice of the Family Court, the Honourable Diana Byran AO, has spoken out publically about the lengthy delays which are impacting upon families and those who are most vulnerable in our society (See

Often these reports refocus our attention on the importance of separated families ensuring they obtain the right advice and that Court is really a “last resort” for them.

The costs of litigation are well known and can have a crippling effect on separated families for many years after their matter has resolved. Getting frank and honest legal advice can make all the difference. It is extremely important to speak to a solicitor at the earliest possible time if you are separating from your spouse to discuss your obligations and what can be done to settle your matter.

Our experienced family law solicitors at Hansons Lawyers can provide an early assessment of the issues in your matter and provide you with sound and proactive advice. Some matters are not capable of settling and require Court intervention. In these matters it is extremely important you have the guidance and support from an experienced family law solicitor. Call our team today.