I’ve Recorded My Ex, Can I Use It in Family Court?

What happens if someone tapes a conversation with their ex without their knowledge? Although it is usually illegal to record someone without their knowledge, in some circumstances such a recording may be still used in evidence. In a recent case, the court was asked to determine whether recordings made by a woman could be [...]

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Lawyer Asking for Your Licence? Here’s Why

If you’ve been to see a solicitor recently about a conveyancing matter they may have asked for a photocopy of your ID, including passport, licence, birth certificate and other documents. There is a very important reason for this. NSW has recently brought in legislative amendments to facilitate electronic conveyancing  (“e-conveyancing”). This system, which allows [...]

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Parental Assistance to Children Buying a Property

The issue of financial assistance from parents to adult children is very topical and will continue to be so whilst the price for properties remains out of reach for many young people. It is very important for parents to get proper legal advice when deciding to help their children purchase a property. Simply providing [...]

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Permitted Developments – Don’t Stop With the 149 Certificate!

A section 149 certificate providing the local council’s zoning and other information in relation to a property within its Local Environmental Plan is a mandatory disclosure document in every contract for sale and purchase of land in New South Wales. It is critical to always check for a purchaser or the grantee of any [...]

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Thinking of Buying Your First Home? Here’s Where to Start

Entering the property market can be an overwhelming process. Where do I start? Always get advice from your Broker or financial institution Lending Manager about the amount that you can borrow and the amount that you can afford to repay on a monthly basis.  This will allow you to create a budget for properties that [...]

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