Leases Granted Pursuant to the Exercise of an Option

Pitfalls surrounding “Option Leases”. Youssef Abouelnasr In commercial and retail leasing it is common that the landlord provides in the lease to the tenant an option to renew for a further term. This provides the tenant further security regarding their potential tenure of the premises and can also save both sides costs by avoiding renegotiating [...]

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Assessments of conflicts of interest in Family Law

Ashleigh Serafini Ordinarily we would love to take on all clients that approach our door. However, before you enter it is important for us to ask some questions to determine whether it is appropriate for you to do so. For example, a new family law client will often hear – “what is your spouse/partner’s name”. [...]

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A Brief Guide to Restraint Clauses

Nicholas Kyriakoudes Restraint clauses are terms which restrain and restrict a person’s ability to engage in a specified activity for a specific time and throughout a particular locality. They are generally included in contracts or made as a separate deed (of restraint) to protect one party’s business interest and to ensure that competition does not [...]

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Be at ease knowing your affairs are in order

Jasmine Cario Creating a Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian not only allows you to nominate others to make decisions for you, but putting these documents in place also takes the pressure off your loved ones in the unfortunate event that you lose capacity during your lifetime (to see more read In some cases, [...]

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