If you own a swimming pool or spa you are required to register the swimming pool or spa with the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

However, if you are considering selling a property with a swimming pool or spa pool you are now required to obtain a valid Certificate of Compliance or a valid Certificate of Non-compliance.  The Certificate is required to be attached to the Contract for Sale of Land.  If you fail to attach the Certificate to the Contract for Sale of Land, the Purchaser of your property may rescind the contract within fourteen (14) days of exchange.

If you have a Certificate of Non-compliance, then you transfer the obligation to obtain a Certificate of Compliance to the Purchaser.  The Purchaser has 90 days from the date of settlement to rectify the defects listed in the Certificate of Non-compliance.

Your selling Agent is required to have a Contract for Sale of Land in order to commence the marketing for your property.  If you are thinking about selling and your property has a swimming pool or spa then you should contact your Local Council or an accredited pool certifier to carry out a swimming pool barrier inspection as soon as possible to ensure the listing and marketing of your property is not delayed.

The requirement does NOT apply to a lot in strata or community schemes with more than two lots or for any off the plan contract.

Avoid possible delay with the sale of your property and arrange an inspection.

For more information, contact Anna Masi.