New requirements for off-the-plan contracts

Kerry Kyriakoudes New requirements for off-the-plan contracts as from 1 December 2019 the new laws impose an additional disclosure obligations on vendors in off-the-plan contracts in order that purchasers have greater transparency in entering into these contracts. Additionally, they give purchasers new remedies and more protection when buying property off-the-plan. The changes are as follows: [...]

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Property Law – Building Covenants and Restrictions: What They Are and How They Can Affect You

From time to time purchasers will buy an existing property with the intention of carrying out building work on the property and which can include additions to the existing house, pergolas and swimming pools etc. Most of the time these additions and extensions are permitted subject to obtaining the usual development approval from the [...]

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“High Risk” Land

We recently received an enquiry from a person who had purchased a block of land some time ago – the land is located in an area well known for having land slip and stability problems. At the time of purchase, the Contract contained a GEO Technical Report which indicated that whilst the land was located [...]

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Should I Get a Strata Report on My New Unit?

It is advisable to obtain a Strata Report before purchasing a Home Unit. The report can reveal a number of matters which may influence the price you’re prepared to pay for the unit or even whether you purchase the unit. Some of the matters revealed by a Strata Report are the following: Financial State [...]

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